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Ron Sears


Ron Sears was born in Jerseyville, Illinois, on July 21, 1956. He was the second child of a U.S. Army Air Corps soldier, who met and married Ron's mother in Berlin during World War II. Growing up in a small town, he made his mark as a high school auto shop ace, turning a 1968 Camaro into a thing of beauty and the envy of all street racers in the area. After attending college, he joined his family business, Sears Wholesale, but realized this was not for him.

He shortly discovered the call of the road, long distance trucking, and again made his mark by being one of the most successful owner-operators in the entire area. Missing his wife and young son, he sold his truck and was drawn into organic farming as a way to bring attention to the mid-west area what he had learned on the coasts--conventional agriculture was not the best way to produce food for a healthy population. This segued into a career as the director of operations at one of St. Louis County's premier compost centers. After spending many years there, Ron decided to leave and pursue a life-long dream--to contribute to the art community through his large scale and thoughtful pieces of sculpture

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